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Radio/Transmission Installation & Testing

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Our telecoms team has adequate capacity and experience to carry out all telecoms installations. The team, which has certified by specific equipment vendor, is able to undertake installation and commissioning of both BTS as well as transmission equipment.  This includes:

Installation of BTS / MW Equipment

Our BTS outdoor and indoor work includes:

  • Fixing of cable ladder
  • Outdoor work consisting of fixing RF and Microwave antennae
  • Routing of cables
  • Clamping
  • Grounding / Earthing works
  • Alignment of Antenna as per specifications
  • Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS)
  • Installation of Transmission Racks
  • Grounding of equipment’s
  • Installation of rectifier and battery bank
  • The antennae, the wave-guide locks, flexible wave guides to ensure reliable and proper RF connections.
  • The outdoor radio  unit & antenna support arms
  • Alignment of Antenna of the link to achieve the RSL
  • Transmission routing to the BSC
  • Integration and commissioning of the BTS with the BSC
  • Turnkey installation & de-installation for various telecom equipment from vendors such as Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, NEC, Huawei etc.

GSM Antenna Installation

Our RF team is able to carry out the below scope:

  • The installation of antenna mounting poles and pipes associated  with mechanical arrangement examined and where necessary corrected to ensure the following :
  • Desired Orientation
  • Desired Height
  • Grounding
  • Lighting Protection
  • Electrification in Shelters and earthing work at Cell Sites

WIMAX installation

Our engineers are well vast experienced in wimax installations including:

  • LOS Site survey
  • Network design and maintenance
  • Implementation (equipment installation, commissioning and testing)
  • New Base station installation and commissioning.

Repeater stations

Our engineers have vast experience in installation of repeater stations including:

  • Site surveys
  • Network designs for both off-air and FSR repeaters
  • Implementation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and support


Our rigging teams are trained and certified. They are competent and observe high levels of safety during tower erection. We observe strict safety measures of both the staff and the equipment in compliance with the stipulated rules. Team work is maintained in order to perform our duties professionally and meet the standards of the client within the given timelines and is all certified technicians to work at heights.


Using our experience and technical qualification we seek to provide local solution that meets and exceeds the international standards.

Using our experience and technical qualification we seek to provide local solution that meets and exceeds the international standards.